Peripos BV

Peripos BV was founded in November 2011 by the current General Manager Eveline Falkenburg.
Eveline, together with some established names from within the Point of Sales Industry, took up the idea of becoming a supplier of POS equipment as well as providing services and software.


The company is focusing on a number of services and products, such as (but not exclusively): pinpad poles, cash drawers and Android POS software and hardware. The general focus of Peripos BV is to include services, hardware and solutions to (and between) partners. By doing this, Peripos BV will not just act as a distributor but also add value and become a “knowledge base” to the partners.


The main strength of Peripos BV is our personal touch and direct communication.
We also maintain a direct and extensive communication with our suppliers, giving us the cutting edge in personalizing our customer’s wishes and providing quality service and support.


Without any doubt, when you work with Peripos BV you can be sure of our main policy:
“We value your added value!!”